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with briar

Embodied Emotions
A Joy Workshop

Join Briar, for an hour intensive workshop in exploring our relationship with joy, and the spectrum of happiness. Many of us wish to feel these emotions even more, so let's expand our capacity together to embody and feel joy as much as possible!

This workshop will explore education and examples so you can begin to understand the how these emotions are felt. We'll also explore embodied practices for expressing and moving the charge of joy through our bodies. You will be supported in redefining your relationship with joy, increasing your capacity for it even more!


Please be prepared with comfortable clothing and a private space so you can move, breath, and make noise freely.


A list of other possible "supplies" and tools for the workshop will be sent 24 hours in advance. These will be simple household items like pillows and blankets if needed.

Friday December 8, 2023
11:00am-12:00 (ish) pm EST

Held via Zoom

Investment: Sliding scale ($10.00 minimum)
2024 Workshops

Briar is currently creating her 2024 Workshop and events calendar.

If there's a topic you're interested in learning about let her know.

And previous recorded workshops, along with PDF handouts, are available for purchase in the Shop.

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