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What works for me

I've decided to let you in.

I'm going to share some of my "go-to" favourites for ensuring that I'm riding the waves of my life feeling as centered and in my body as possible.

First, though, there's the disclaimer. I share this with you as a sacred invitation. I share this to allow you to get curious, perhaps become inspired, and maybe even to try something new. I'm not sharing this as the answers to your personal challenges or as a way for you to add to your self-judgment. No sir-ee!

So, please do your best to stay open to these ideas and see what might tickle your fancy.

As always, leave the rest.


So let's begin by defining what I mean by centered and in my body.

When I say *centered* it means that I'm aware of my physical body, as well as the other parts of me (such as my ongoing thoughts, my emotions, and my energetic or spiritual self). I feel centered in my body when I literally connect with the center line that runs up and down my body and my center of gravity near my belly/hips. I notice that when I'm feeling centered I'm more aware of my surroundings and present within the moment (AKA I know that day it is! :p).

When I say *in my body* I mean that I'm connected and aware of the sensations going on in my body.

I feel in my body as a sensation of heaviness and warmth. I notice that when I'm in my body I'm more aware of my internal cues - not necessarily completely dominated by what's going on externally.

Why are these things important you might ask?

Great question!

These two ideas and lived experiences are important to me because they've helped to create a sense of stability and safety within my days. They've helped me to better navigate the many ups and downs of daily living that we all navigate. They've also helped me to stay in tune with my own process while staying receptive to my surroundings and other people.

These two ideas align with the life I'm creating for myself. Feeling centered and in my body allows me to experience my life more deeply and fully and that's the kind of life I want to live!


So how do I actually go about centering myself and staying in my body?

Here are some of my regular ways that I enjoy centering myself:

  • outdoor time to breath in fresh air and remind myself of the rhythms of the planet around me

  • connecting with my favourite people who help remind me of who I am and what I enjoy

  • eating well, sleeping well, and drinking tons of water!

  • using my personal alter at home by lighting a candle and enjoying the sacred objects I've gathered which are meaningful to me, like photos, nature objects, quotes, and gifts from loved ones

  • smudging myself with the smoke from burning a sacred plant (ex. dried cedar or white sage)

Here are some of my favourite ways to be in my body:

  • personal grooming practices which feel enjoyable and pleasurable - such as applying homemade hair oil treatments, painting my nails, lovingly applying homemade cream before bed

  • moving my body and paying attention while I'm doing it

  • dancing

  • breathing

  • taping on my body to literally bring my attention to my body (see Instagram for a video of this soon!)

  • rubbing my belly

  • placing one hand over my heart and the other over my belly


There are so many different tools that we all possess and practice to help us navigate our lives; from yoga and breathing, to connecting with friends and family, to our innate abilities (like compassion and resiliency), sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of all of this!

So, notice, what strategies do you have for navigating your life in a way that helps you stay centered within yourself?

Would it help you to begin adding in more practices? If so, how many can you commit to adding in without it feeling overwhelming (remember we're trying to navigate life smoothly!).

Wishing you all the best as you keep moving forward,



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