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Superpowers are real...seriously

So often I sit with folks who have stories about their self.

Their stories say things like "I'm not good enough" or "I should do better" or "Seriously, what can I even offer to the world?"

Does this sound like some of the stories in your mind, too?

Well as I continue to sit with these folks I start noticing SO many aspects of them that counter this story. I start noticing that they don't value the superpowers they already have and use on a daily basis so they begin to believe that this story is real. They probably have never even stopped to question this story, ask it for evidence, and see where they got this story from (usually from situations when they were growing up).

And as we keep sitting together we start exploring these superpowers that they possess.

Things like...




Greater listening.

A fiery spirit (aka anger).

And when I sit across from them and witness their superpowers I'm always in awe.

I ask them to contemplate their values in life. I ask them to counter that story of "not good enough." I ask them to shift their perspective.

Because sometimes these everyday qualities that we possess actually end up being our superpowers.

We forget that not everyone has kindness. Not everyone has softness. Not everyone has a fiery spirit. These aspects are our gifts. This qualities are our superpowers. That is our unique presence to share with our little pocket of the world.

How healing has it been for you when someone has shared their kindness...softness...compassion...listening ear? I bet SO healing!

So remind yourself that you have a superpower too (and probably more than one).

Challenge that story in your mind and begin creating the evidence to counter it. Remind yourself of your everyday qualities that actual contribute to the extraordinariness of your human experience. Start remembering and using your superpowers daily.




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