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Saying yes to pleasure

Mmmmm, pleasure.

What a word!

Try, for a moment, saying "pleasure" out loud right now.

Seriously, give it a try!

Notice what feelings, thoughts, and body sensations this little activity brings up for you. Perhaps there's a weird "icky-like" body sensation, perhaps there's a thought of "YAS!", or perhaps there's a feeling of guilt. Simply notice what your relationship to pleasure is like.

I've been working with this word, action, choice, and option a lot lately. I've been asking myself what pleasure means to me. I've been curious about if pleasure is a part of my values and priorities. I've noticed how often I engage in pleasure every day.

As I've allowed myself to explore pleasure, it's been another layer in my journey of womanhood. It's been a deeper dive into some of the cultural stories that I've been exposed to in my life (AKA: "hello to patriarchal world views and how these have affected women AND men!").

This deeper dive has looked like reading books, articles, and Instagram accounts of professionals and folks who are also having this conversation around pleasure. It's looked like me truly allowing my body to move the experience of pleasure through it. It's also looked like me booking a 3 week vacation to simply sit in pleasure as often as possible during this time (coming up in June).

I've often noticed how some folks believe that healing needs to involve pain, exploring trauma, and staying in the muck.

I've always wondered about how pleasure, and passion, and joy can show up in our healing too.

As I've read and explored more, I've learned that in order for me to expand my emotional threshold, or spectrum, this involves me doing both of those things I just described. It involves me sitting in the muck and shame and also experiencing pleasure and joy. It involves me moving through the whole spectrum of emotion and possibility as I learn to live more authentically within myself AND to enjoy a daily life I find meaningful.



I wonder...

How pleasure shows up for you?

I wonder how often you GIVE yourself permission to prioritize your own pleasure?

When you do, you take back your power to control your experience of time and life. You say "yes" to that beautiful meal with rich flavour. You give yourself that beautiful bath. You dress in those clothes that feel so nice against your skin. And you give yourself priority over all of the other things and people that might often consume your day, thoughts, and time.

I'm not sure where your exploration of pleasure will lead you. I'm also not sure what you'll discover along the way.

One thing that I do feel confidently about is that this journey of pleasure can be challenging. It can bring up all sorts of stories that we've been telling ourselves (or told by others). And it can also bring up the challenges that we face with letting ourselves experience joy and happiness.

It's about the deeper wisdom contained within experiencing our senses and sexuality.

So tread gently, dear one.

If you choose this invitation into so with compassion and curiosity. These two qualities can become your friends on this layer on your healing journey!

Yours in healing,



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