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Letting go. what's that all about?

Woman standing in a summer field looking down at the hem of her outfit.

Something I wrote a few weeks ago for us...okay, mostly for myself however I thought it might be helpful for you too!


Letting go.

Words that have landed in my body as sticky, confusing and a bit ungrounded. I’ve always had questions about these words. How? Why? Is it really that important? Is it even truly possible? Is it honouring of our human experiences? Is it healthy for me?

I don’t have answers to most of these questions.

And. Lately I’ve been noticing that letting go in my life has been preceding by a very active, engaged process.

We’re in the middle of our weaning journey with our son. This process is something I’ve been discerning, talking about, researching, emoting about, and more, for a long time. A very active process!

And then now that we’ve made some more active changes to the weaning journey (we’re a week into night weaning!) I’m hearing where I’m letting go.

I’m hearing the wisdom of understanding that there are consequences and possibilities outside of my control and influence. There’s a space of … unknown. And it’s powerful to witness how I’ve accepted this.

Oder versions of me would have had a difficult time with this (and even did in the process leading up to this decision!).

So now I'm noticing that letting go involves both active, participation and a space for accepting the unknown that’s greater than me.

It’s a neat dance.

Mother laying beside a breastfeeding and sleeping baby.
When Emerson was only a few months old and this was how we'd spend most of the day :p


What’s your relationship like with letting go? Does it feel active, passive, or some hybrid?


In these times where so much in our world is changing and feels outside of our control, I urge you to be gentle with yourself. So many of the beautiful folks I am connecting with are voicing a sense of overwhelm. This reminds me that we never really know what's privately going on for another person and that we all share similar basic human needs.

Respect. Connection. Safety.

When our needs feel threatened we can say and do all sorts of things that might be incongruent with our values. So please. Slow down. Be gentle with yourself. And notice how much compassion for others you can soften into right now.


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