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A Birth that Needed Healing and a big announcement

Ssssoooo birthing a human is a big deal. Then mothering a human being for their first year of life is a whole other ball game.

In the summer our son reached his first birthday, which felt like a way bigger milestone for us as parents than for him in his growth.

This milestone represented a lot for me and felt like an immensely potent time to celebrate and commemorate our birth experience and the first year of growth I experienced in mothering a human being outside of my body. I decided to do something VERY BRAVE AND SCARY - I hosted a Birth Healing Ceremony for myself.

I sent out a very vulnerable invitation to a few close friends - to come support me for 2 hours, sit in ceremony and circle with me, place aside their own birthing traumas and experiences, and hold very clear boundaries. This email was detailed so as to respect everyone's needs and I chose to honour how vital it felt and also scary it was to ask for my needs in such a clear way.

And WOW, from crafting and sending that email, to creating the flow of the components of the ceremony, to receiving unexpected gifts during the circle, to basking in the afterglow of celebrating my mothering journey that far and healing from the very difficult elements of our birth, it was all so deeply healing and rewarding. And it's reminded me that I can sense lightness and joy in my body again, which were things that have felt far away in the some of the struggles I've navigated this past year.

It's also created space for me to step more fully into this next season of my life...

To name and share something that's been brewing inside of me for a few years now...

I'm stepping more into my role as a medicine woman, a facilitator of magic and ceremony and ritual.

I want to share and facilitate other women's Healing Ceremonies. Ceremonies and circles created uniquely for the woman we're celebrating. Crafted with my guidance and support beforehand and then co-facilitated together to honour your unique stage of womanhood and mothering. Whether this is a ceremony to mark a transition in your life, your mothering journey, or perhaps to integrate your birth experience, regardless of how many years it's been.

Ceremony offers a unique opportunity for healing unlike other moments in time. It's a space for us to occupy the sacred parts of our being, with witness from others. It's a space to claim, and reclaim anew any aspects of ourselves that need it. It's a space for transformational invitations into the depths of ourselves while also remaining deeply rooted and grounded.


If this calls to you, I'm offering ceremony consultation calls to explore what this means for you. Follow this link here to book into my online calendar.

I will be stepping into this role slowly as I navigate the boundaries needed within my role as a Registered Psychotherapist, which is different than a Ceremony Keeper. These ceremonies are separate from my services within the mental field of psychotherapy and counselling, and should not be considered a therapy equivalent. This means that I will be only taking on a limited number of clients so please reach out soon if this interests you! Packages and pricing will be tailored to each individual's needs and the services required.

Yours in Magic,



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